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Brigita Korsakiene

I was always the creative soul...

"I was always the ‘creative’ soul and started from scribbles in the booklet in class without my brain was involved in the process. From that day on, art has always been a part of my life. In art I feel that I can be myself and create a wonderful world.


My biggest dream was to paint and it came true in 2020. I made a small studio in the living room where I can enjoy my free time. I love to paint and when I stand with the brush in my hand, I turn off the brain and the creative part of me takes over - time just flies by."

About me


When I look around, my first thought is

How do I paint this?


I am a self-taught artist and love to challenge myself to become more proficient, especially in nature paintings (landscapes). When I look around, my first thought is "how do I paint this, how could I mix the exact colors and what would it look like on a canvas".


I only paint in my spare time. That's why I spend months on every painting that is cuddled with and enjoyed. I enjoy following my dream and would like to share my joy with you. Therefore I hope you like the visual music I 'play'...

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