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Joyfull beach 2.jpg
Joyfull beach 2.jpg

Melanie Theea Celinah Simonsen

Its all about being close to the sea and nature...

"It all started with beautiful and unique scenarios of nature. It was almost hypnosis for the eyes, the body and the heart. No one who experiences being connected to nature is in doubt about the peace and well-being it can provide, a healing from the stressful weekdays. -Listen to the whistling of the wind, the breaking waves of the sea, the falling rain and take a deep breath."

About me

Melanie Profil 2.png

Create good and positive feelings

We quickly take many things for granted, sometimes you have to stop and see where you really are. It can be as simple as seeing the beauty of the sand on a beach, the colors the many pebbles form. That is why I have chosen to create and promote beauties in my art that can create good and positive moods and pull you out of the busy everyday life. Bring the glow and mood into your home with my unique paintings.

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