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12 uger -Thorkild Thellefsen

12 uger -Thorkild Thellefsen

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Author: Torkild Thellefsen

Illustrations: Ane Gudrun


The title of this book is '12 Weeks. ' It is a collection of short stories, the focal point of which are conversations between an author and an artist, which results in the author writing 12 short stories, which the artist each illustrates with a drawing.



I met Mariane for a lecture at the university just over three months ago. I think I lectured on semiotics, I almost always do. She was sitting in the front row a little to my right. I remember I told about how the sign on the one hand represents something of reality in itself and on the other hand represents our interpretation of the same reality, and the closer the two elements get to each other, the closer we get to the truth.



Product name: 12 uger

Size: Width: 14,8Cm - Height: 21,1Cm

Binding: Booklet

Number of pages: 189

Language: Danish

Genre: Short story collection

Author: Thorkild Thellefsen

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