Dagene løber halt -Martin "Tidsrøver" Nørgaard

Dagene løber halt -Martin "Tidsrøver" Nørgaard

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Martin "Time Robber" Nørgaard (b. 1984), poet, teacher, musician and craftsman. Dagene løber halt, is his debut as a writer. Dagene løber halt is a collection of thirty-two poems. The title refers to the fact that not all days are the same - some are good, some are bad. Some days you get scratches - The days run lame, but still moving forward! The texts are short and written in a complex pictorial language.



Product name: Dagene løber halt

Size: Width: 14,8Cm - Height: 21Cm

Binding: Booklet

Number of pages: 39

Language: Danish

Genre: Poetry collection

Author: Martin Nørgaard

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