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Den 5. Statsmagt -Gustav Østeraa

Den 5. Statsmagt -Gustav Østeraa


Gustav Østeraa, a master's degree holder in Applied Philosophy from Aalborg University since 2016, is a writer whose work is deeply rooted in philosophical exploration. However, his most recent literary venture, "Den 5. statsmagt," takes readers on an entirely different journey.


Intrigued by the philosophy of pessimism, Østeraa endeavors to challenge conventional perspectives on life and existence. Through his thought-provoking narrative, he intertwines profound philosophical contemplations with the captivating tale of a young boy who possesses unique abilities, giving birth to a world of wonder and enchantment.


Released by Forlaget Snepryd, "Den 5. statsmagt" is Østeraa's latest masterpiece, marking a departure from his previous works. Published on [insert publication date], this novel invites readers to delve into an intellectual and imaginative adventure, exploring the intricacies of existence while enjoying a mesmerizing storyline. Dive into the thought-provoking universe of Gustav Østeraa's "Den 5. statsmagt" and uncover a novel that transcends traditional boundaries, leaving an indelible impression on readers.



Magnus lives in a disconcerting world, where empty words can kill. A world where people expose each other on social media and judge one another through an app. The most unpopular ones are punished by the court of public opinion, and there is no requirement for evidence. It's the Fifth Estate that governs the course of events in Denmark, and Magnus is desperately trying to keep a low profile so he doesn't end up like his father, who was sentenced to death.


However, on a fateful day, things go wrong after an unfortunate incident at Magnus's high school. His best friend Astrid does her best to cheer him up, but it doesn't prevent the hammer of public opinion from falling. Normally, Magnus would receive his punishment, but instead, he is selected for the TV show "Damocles' Angels," where he gets the chance to win redemption and get his life back. To succeed, he must be the most beloved of the sixteen participants in the eyes of the viewers, but it won't be easy in a program filled with challenges designed to test his morals and conscience. Punishment awaits on the other side if he fails.


Gustav Østeraa holds a master's degree in Applied Philosophy from Aalborg University, and often, it's in philosophy that he finds inspiration to write. Gustav writes to stimulate the reader's thoughts through storytelling. Born in 1991 and raised in Aalborg, he has since moved to West Jutland. The author made his debut in 2020 with "Intethedens Tegn," and "Den 5. Statsmagt" is his second work of fiction.



Product name: Den 5. Statsmagt

Binding: Hæftet

Number of pages: 272

Author: Gustav Østeraa

Price is per. PCS.


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