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Intethedens Tegn -Gustav Østeraa

Intethedens Tegn -Gustav Østeraa

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Gustav Østeraa has a master's degree. in Applied Philosophy at Aalborg University in 2016.


Østeraa is inspired by the pessimistic philosophy. The purpose of the novel is to focus on the question and meaning of "being human". He combines philosophical reflection with an intriguing tale of a boy with alternative abilities and wonderful magic emerges.


The Sign of Nothingness is Østeraa´'s debut novel, which was published by Forlaget Snepryd on 3 July 2020.



The fantasy novel takes place as a philosophical conversation between Emperor Palasander in the kingdom of Clastara and the assassin Zynn.


An ancient prophecy about the finality of humanity creates stir among the peoples of Clastara. Emperor Palasander has heard rumors that chaos and supernatural events have erupted to the east. He is approached by Zynn.


Together, they must decide whether the prophecy is to be fulfilled or rejected, a decision that will also seal the fate of mankind.


But is humanity worth saving at all? In order to judge humanity, they must first uncover what it really means to be human. Emperor Palasander and Zynn are far from agreeing. Zynn has had a tough upbringing imbued with failure, which has killed his faith in people and replaced it with hatred and vengeance. He does not exactly have high thoughts about humanity and sees no reason to save it. He therefore tells his whole life story to the emperor.



Product name: Intethedens Tegn

Size: Width: 14.6Cm - Height: 23Cm

Binding: Hardback

Number of pages: 496

Language Danish

Genre: Novel - Sci-fi & Fantasy

Author: Gustav Østeraa

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