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Kornelius & Annws Kar -Henrik Høj

Kornelius & Annws Kar -Henrik Høj

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Henrik Høj moves freely between the realistic and the supernatural, between reality and dreams, and he himself refers to "Kornelius and Annwns kar" as a kind of existential formation novel, which on a deeper level could just as well have taken place in the present.



Cornelius had only one thought in his head; death of parents. He went to one horse and grabbed its head. Before doing anything, he looked deep into its eyes. In there he saw himself in the sparse light ...



Product name: Kornelius & Annwns Kar

Size: Width: 15Cm - Height: 21,5Cm

Binding: Hardback

Number of pages: 261

Language: Danish

Genre: Novel

Author: Henrik Høj

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