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Sine Nomine -Thorkild Thellefsen

Sine Nomine -Thorkild Thellefsen

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Eight stories in the fantastic genre about love, death, dreams, ambitions and desires.


In Sine Nomine, Thellefsen takes us by the hand and leads us through eight stories that, from the encounter with the skeleton in the forest to a mysterious undiscovered cave, mix the mundane and the fantastic.



"A giant human figure holds the globe between his index and thumb, it shakes like a glass ball with artificial snow and Christmas landscape. She wears a giant black hood over her head. Her eyes are pitch black and her face is pale. ”



Product name: Sine Nomine

Size: Width: 15Cm - Height: 12,2Cm

Binding: Booklet

Number of pages: 164

Language: Danish

Genre: Short story collection

Author: Thorkild Thellefsen

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