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StormSystems - MANHATTAN

StormSystems - MANHATTAN


A table that expresses itself from one of the world's most densely populated cities, with property prices reaching the clouds, here Manhattan is created with ingenuity and top-class functionality.


With its independent energy source, generous table space and portable construction, Manhattan knows exactly how to create the atmosphere and tranquility of your home.


Real fire without all the hassle. Be more environmentally friendly while avoiding cleaning and tidying up.


No construction or cumbersome assembly. Just unpack the table and you are ready to spread coziness and warmth.


NOTE. 5-8 weeks delivery.

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  • Information

    Model: Indoor / Outdoor

    Volume capacity: 8L

    Power (kW): 6 kW

    Minimum room size: 116kbm

    Combustion efficiency: 7–11 Hours

    Weight: 61Kg

    Size: 1270x762x296

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