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StormyArtem - STIX

StormyArtem - STIX

STIX Biopejs

Stix is ​​a clean-burnt interpretation of a classic campfire that is stylish enough to be used indoors and strong enough to withstand the elements outside.


Made of stainless steel and available in either brushed stainless steel or powder coated black finish.


Stix has an ethanol burner in its core that burns a bright orange flame that does not produce smoke, soot or ash.


NOTE. 5-8 weeks delivery.

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  • Information

    Model: Outdoors

    Volume capacity: 2.5 L

    Power (kW): 1.7 kW

    Minimum room size: 40kbm

    Combustion efficiency: 8 - 11 Hours

    Weight: 14Kg

    Size: 557 x 556 x 780

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