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Sophie Pollock

One Of A Kin

Copenhagen-based artist Sophie Pollock has painted her entire life, almost since she was born in the Himalayan Mountains of India in 1994. She creates beauty through the expressions of emotion and intuition on the blank canvasses and draws inspiraton from life, atmospheres and beauty. 

There are no boundaries, non for type of media, no boundaries of what should or shouldn’t go together, no rules for how to play with colours. Everything is up for becoming, everything a possibility. It is about creating, playing and the making unique pieces of art through poetry, emotions and aestetiques.

About me

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Abstract, dynamic and full of life...


Joy from painting the pieces comes from the fascination of creation – from how the blank canvas  becomes full of movement, light, depth and colour. How it expresses itself continuously seen through the beholding eye. Intent on art that continues to surprise and show new layers and details, to keep the viewers gaze. 

The style is abstract, dynamic and full of life. Her main focus now is acrylics on canvas, though continuously experimenting with mixing new mediums. Each work of art is an unique expression of love of beauty, colour and light combined with rich texture and structure - which are the central fulcrums in Pollock's paintings.

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