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Trine Mielche - Kunstner - Profil

Trine Mielche

Expressing myself artistically and producing art is part of my family's profession and talents through generations...


I have been drawing and painting all my life, the oil painting I have cultivated intensely for the last 7 years.

My works are done on linen canvas, they are painted with the best oil colors that give clear colors and the works can last for generations. I very much hope that my painting create joy, give humor and will be something beautiful and aesthetic on the wall.

My choice of motifs are naturalistic depictions with an adventurous feature, elements from the world of fantasy and nature.

I want to convey my message about our modern life, what it does to us, to our lives and to our surrounding nature.

With my works, I strive to give the viewer a smile on their face and perhaps arouse reflection. At the same time, I am working to make them alive, to portray the light, how it affects the play of color and what happens to the light as the day goes on. The many details in my works are thus completely planned and well thought out.

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Låst StormyArtem

Painting is the only occupation where time and space do not exist...


It is important for me to be a technically skilled artist who at the same time has a clear attitude to everything in the painting, nothing is left to chance, every brushstroke is an expression of a clear conscious choice and all details must play together to tell the story.


Behind every motif, there are hours of careful consideration and speculation about colors, composition, brush direction, intensity and contrast. I want to let the canvas tell the story, inspire for reflection,  be compelling and sharp.


I am often asked how long it takes to paint each painting, but I do not know, because when I paint, I forget time and place. Painting is the only occupation where time and space do not exist. There is only me, canvas, brushes and my beloved colors. Hope you will enjoy my works, I am happy and grateful every time a viewer spends time looking at one of my works ...

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