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Be my Yoko Ono - 2 - Xenia - StormyArtem

Xenia Anderson

Inspired by the 1960s Love & Drugs...

"My name is Xenia Anderson, I am 19 years old and a self-taught painter living in Aalborg.

My art is very colorful and largely inspired by the 1960s love for colors and psychedelic drugs."

About me

Profil 2.jpg

Breathing space from a routine gray everyday life...  

"I love playing with fun shapes and colors that are often reminiscent of the visual effects of LSD.

In the Scandinavian, we are big supporters of minimalism and are

crazy about black, white and gray, my clear goal is to challenge this approach to life.

I try to create a universe where we take a break from the late modern existence, a breathing space from a routine gray everyday life, a safe place where we can let ourselves be visually surprised."

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