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Infinity - 1 - Christina Thomsen - Storm

Christina Thomsen


Humans combined with a firework of colors...

The artist name Brighterart appeals to the expression in her works. Here it is the human who is in focus which is combined with a firework of colors, which symbolizes what is happening around them and the history they carry.

About me


She has painted as long as she remembers


Christina Thomsen is a young artist of 24 years, who lives in Aalborg. On a daily basis, she works in the art studio Street Station, together with 13 other artists.

Christina has always painted since she was little, but started making it her way of life after high school.

Christina manages to capture the many expressions of mankind in her incredibly realistic and at times surreal faces. Added with the wildest palettes of colors, every artworks gets incredibly unique and something you just have to experience...

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